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Data Mining is a set of techniques for analysing data from different points of view, extracting information that may be of use for increasing revenues and cutting costs using tools that serve to anticipate future behaviours and trends, thus allowing a business to make knowledge-driven decisions.
Smartware & Data Mining gives customers the tools they need and the experience required to integrate the most advanced Data Mining techniques in their company departments

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A product of Genoa University’s partnership with Iso Sistemi, Smartware & Data Mining combines the know-how gained in the university’s research laboratories with Iso Sistemi’s solid industrial experience.
With this multisectorial background, Smartware & Data Mining offers wide-ranging support services in every area from banking and insurance to telecommunications, supermarket distribution and the steel industry.

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Smartware & Data Mining offers a series of forecasting tools based on statistical models capable of extracting key information from large databases in order to anticipate the trends of the future, providing customers with support making operative and administrative decisions.
The company offers different types of solutions for solving a wide range of problems, custom-tailored to meet customers’ needs.

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