Genoa’s first university spin-off has been presented at 11:30 in the University of Genoa Faculty of Engineering

02/15/2007 (All day)


Genoa’s first university spin-off, Smartware & Data Mining, has been presented at 11:30 on February 15 in the University of Genoa Faculty of Engineering.
The presentation has been attended by University of Genoa Chancellor Dr. Gaetano Bignardi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Gianni Vernazza and Confindustria Genoa Director Dr. Paolo Corradi.
Spin-offs are industrial initiatives drawing on research and know-how developed in university laboratories.
Smartware & Data Mining was established as a spin-off of the Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering (DIBE) at the University of Genoa, drawing on research and know-how developed in DIBE’s SmartLab and in the field of Intelligent Systems applied to data analysis and interpretation.

Smartware & Data Mining’s founding partners are:

  • the University of Genoa;
  • Dr. Davide Anguita ( associate professor with DIBE);
  • Iso Sistemi s.r.l., a Genoa company working in Information Technology and Automation all over the world;
  • MAC96 di C. Dambra e C. s.a.s., a Genoa company concerned with processing and interpretation of data, signals and images.

Smartware & Data Mining offers innovative Business Intelligence tools based on application of the latest, most scientifically advanced methods for analysis of business data. Appropriate use of the data in its possession allows a company to get to know its business and its customers better, resulting in lower costs and higher profits.
Smartware & Data Mining primarily serves the sectors of Industry and Services, Logistics, Supermarkets, Telecommunications, Finance and Insurance.
The initiative was selected by the Ministry of Universities and Research to benefit from financing under Law 297 supporting research in science and technology.