Giacomo Bottaro

Senior Partner


Bottaro, born in Genoa, has a degree in electronic engineering. After working briefly in Olivetti's software development laboratories in Milan, in 1971 he was hired by Italsider S.p.A. as an analyst – programmer in the steel plant in Genoa-Cornigliano, where he later rose to the position of manager of programming staff and then went into development of production planning and control systems.

In 1982, still with Italsider S.p.A, he was placed in charge of planning and control of information systems and automation for the entire company and all its subsidiaries.
In 1989 he took on the position of telecommunications manager for Ilva S.p.A.,
where he stayed until 1992, also holding the positions of information systems manager, head of planning methodologies and relations with users and, since 1991, head of management control in the division.

From 1993 to 1996 Bottaro was in charge of information systems for Ilva S.p.A. and Ilva Laminati Piani S.p.A., coordinating the work of 2 executives and about 70 technicians.

He was a founding partner in Iso Sistemi s.r.l. and has been a Managing Director since 1996.

He has been Chairman of BeeCom s.r.l. since 2005.

Since 2007 he has been CEO of Smartware & DataMining s.r.l.

Bottaro has spoken at numerous conferences and written a dozen or so articles and memos on information system architecture, information systems for production planning and control, databases and office automation and for three years was editor-in-chief of the quarterly magazine "Sistemi informativi ed automazione industriale" ("Information Systems and Industrial Automation"), as well as co-editor of the volume “Automazione 1992”.

In 1987-91 he served as Chairman of the Ligurian section of ANIPLA (Italian National Automation Association) and national Association Director, as well as Chairman of the Organising Committee of the 29th National ANIPLA Convention on "Integrated Industrial Automation Systems" (Genoa, 1985) and the 36th ANIPLA National Convention, "Automation 1992" (Genoa, 1992).