Solution & Services

Smartware & Data Mining offers innovative Business Intelligence tools based on application of the most modern, scientifically advanced methods for analysis of corporate data. Appropriate use of corporate data allows a company to get to know its business and its customers better and thereby improve its competitive position through more effective decision-making on the commercial, industrial (improving quality, cutting costs) and financial levels.
Smartware & Data Mining also offers know-how in market analysis, applied research and advanced technologies and proposes cutting-edge solutions through partnerships with research centres and universities.

The diagram below illustrates how it is possible to generate forecasting models on the basis of available information and – developing innovative techniques representing an advance over the current state of the art – extract new “knowledge” from this data, a valuable aid for improving our understanding of complex events and providing employees with instruction.

Smartware & Data Mining’s Business Intelligence applications produce state-of-the-art results in the following application sectors:


  • product and/or process quality control

- product quality is adequate  / not  adequate

  • identification of critical situations (such as troubleshooting)

- system works correctly / could not assure production quality
- system works correctly / a fault is coming

  • signal and image classification   

- carachters recognition
- medical diagnosis



  • measurement interpolation (for instance, identifying public transport vehicle travel times to provide users with information)
  • forecasting series over time (such as traffic models, financial models).

- Electrical load forecasts
- Financial series forecasts
- Energy consumption forecasts


clustering and segmentation

  • identification of anomalous behavior (such as insurance fraud, insider trading)

- Plant anomalous functioning reporting
- Operator anomalous behavior reporting

  • data aggregation (such as segmentation of clientele).

- customers clustering