About us

Iso Sistemi, founded in 1996, is based in Genoa and works all over the world in the areas of Information Technology and Industrial Automation.
Iso Sistemi started out offering management and technological consulting services but rapidly evolved in the direction of planning and development of complex, technologically advanced projects.
The company is the perfect partner for mid-sized to large companies, strongly oriented toward supporting the customer's business and using Information Technology as a strategic tool for improving competitiveness.

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What we offer

Iso Sistemi stands out for its vertical business know-how, highly professional technicians and strong orientation toward innovation in processes and technologies.
Iso Sistemi not only develops IT applications and automation systems but supplies management consulting services, technological support, business intelligence systems, control models, plant simulations and support with commissioning of complex plants.
For a complete range of services customers may also turn to subsidiaries BeeCom (Business Service Management products and projects) and Smartware & Data Mining (data mining and forecasting models).

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